Your Story Matters

We would be honored to hear it

Are you struggling with stress or anxiety?

Are you looking to find the most authentic version of yourself?  

Are you seeking a version of you that knows your values and strives to live them out daily?

Are you looking for a safe space to explore what you value, work through past experiences, or develop resilience and coping skills to become that person you hope to be?

We work with individuals, couples, and organizations to help define what your personal and professional “best life” looks like and develop a plan to get there.  We hold space for those working through life transitions and help with trauma, improving self worth and self compassion, reducing stress and anxiety, improving interpersonal relationships, honoring grief, shame and more. 

Veterinary Hope Foundation

Krista Martin of M3 Counseling is honored to also serve as Director with Veterinary Hope Foundation.  Veterinary Hope Foundation was established with the belief that even when things are at their darkest, there is hope.  At Veterinary Hope Foundation, we envision a world where every veterinary professional is part of a community of mutual support and growth.

At M3 Counseling we specialize in reducing the impact of trauma and improving connection and self-worth for individuals, couples, and organizations.  We offer the following services:


M3 Counseling is located at 905 East Washington Street in Greenville, SC.  Parking is located behind the building.  Please turn on Williams Street and take the first right into the alley behind the building.  Please be sure to park in the spots marked "Waterstone Dentistry" as we're in the upper level of their building.  

Note: Office located up a flight of stairs with no elevator access.  ADA accessible sessions are available upon request.  Please reach out with any accessibility requests.

M3 Counseling is a fragrance free office. M3 Counseling recognizes the hazards caused by exposure to scented products and cleaning chemicals and we have a policy to provide a fragrance free environment for all.  A service dog may be utilized to check for fragrances.


"Krista is help in troubled times.  She listens and understands."


"Krista is accessible and flexible. She is communicative and knowledgeable. I feel comfortable speaking with her and she really helped me through a difficult time."


"When I am speaking with Krista, I am her priority. Krista is wise beyond her years. I would highly recommend Krista. Krista is professional, reliable, kind, caring, trusting, patient and 100% confidential."


"Krista is great! She is very professional and has helped me tremendously. She was there when my daddy passed away after a long battle, when my momma passed away unexpectedly and when my son was going through so many teen challenges. Krista's compassion and honesty are amazing. I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends and family."


"M3 Counseling is the best! Wyatt is the most supportive and encouraging pup! 5 Stars: Would consult him again. Krista is cool too. Haha!

Krista is a very skilled and knowledgeable clinician with a unique ability to blend empathy and kindness with honesty and accountability. Very thankful for her!"