M3 Counseling provides a comprehensive grouping of services for veterinary and animal care professionals. These include:

  • Consulting

  • Team Debriefings & Learning Sessions

  • Educational Workshops

  • Brief Therapy Interventions


M3 Counseling offers consultation services from the perspective of Veterinary Social Work. This includes assessment and recommendations regarding stress reduction, self-care, conflict management, and wellbeing of staff and clients.


M3 Counseling offers group and individual debriefing. Debriefing includes:
1. Share the Story
2. Identify Emotional Impact
3. Discuss What Went Well
4. Discuss What was Learned
5. Closure


M3 Counseling offers educational workshops on a variety of topics including:
Human-Animal Bond
Pet Grief & Loss
Conflict Management
Suicide Risk & Assessment

Brief Therapy

M3 Counseling offers brief therapy for animal professionals when appropriate. Brief therapy is highly goal directed form of therapy in which a single identified problem is addressed and resolved within a very brief period.

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