Our Services

Clinical services are offered in person at our Greenville office as well as online throughout North and South Carolina.  Support Groups are offered online.  Consultation services are offered in person at your site or online nationwide.  Volunteer Animal Assisted Activities are offered at various community sites upon invitation from the organization.

Grief is a normal and healthy human response to losing someone we love; however, sometimes grief can become overwhelming.  M3 Counseling provides individual grief therapy to allow you to walk through your grief with support.  M3 Counseling and Faithful Hearts are partnering to provide an online Pet Grief & Loss Peer Support Group. 

M3 Counseling provides a safe, supportive, non-judgemental space to explore yourself and your experiences. As humans, we are bio-psycho-social-spiritual beings and require wellness that addresses our whole selves. At M3 Counseling, we believe that therapy is for everyone!  As such, we meet individuals and couples where they are and walk with them toward healing. You do not have to do this alone--we can help!

M3 Counseling provides a comprehensive grouping of services for veterinary and animal care professionals.  These include:

We work with organizations of every size and complexity from individual practitioners to nationwide veterinary services. 

Krista and Wyatt volunteered to visit hospitals, special needs centers, schools, nursing homes, and other facilities as a certified team through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.