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Krista and her therapy dogs in the community

Veterinary Hope Foundation May 2024 Newsletter: Belonging & Veterinary Medicine

Many thanks to Hills for sponsoring Veterinary Hope Foundation as we shared about Veterinary Medicine & Belonging at Fetch Nashville (May 2024)

Krista enjoyed sharing with Suveto (May 2024) about intentional well-being

Veterinary Hope Foundation March 2024 Newsletter: Women Making History

Veterinary Hope Foundation January 2024 Newsletter: Hope, Courage & Curiosity

Milliken February 2023: WIN! Group gathers for headshots and Mental Health discussion from M3 Counseling’s Krista Martin.

Krista & Eliot enjoyed offering "Ask a Social Worker" sessions at the 2024 Encouragement Conference

Veterinary Hope Foundation April 2024 Newsletter: Authentic Renewal

Veterinary Hope Foundation February 2024 Newsletter: Self Compassion & Calamity Jane

A Few of My Favorite Resources

Here's what's on my bookshelf!  I have personally read and wouldn't hesitate to recommend each and every one of these books.