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Hey There, I'm Krista

I'm a Clinical Social Worker based in Greenville, South Carolina and I specialize in Veterinary Social Work.  What does that mean?  It means I work with people in that special space where humans and animals meet.  I help humans be the best version of themselves; the people our animals think we are.  

I work with individuals, couples, and organizations to help define what your personal and professional “best life” looks like and develop a plan to get there.  I hold space for those working through life transitions and help with trauma, improving self worth and self compassion, reducing stress and anxiety, improving interpersonal relationships, honoring grief, shame and more.  

I am passionate about walking with veterinary professionals as they develop the skills necessary to prioritize their own well-being and then leverage those skills to build a better system for all veterinary professionals. 

Your story matters.  We would be honored to hear it.

Krista Martin, LISW-CP, LCSW

Education & Training


Currently Pursuing

Eliot, Therapy Dog

Eliot is our facility therapy dog at M3Eliot is an English Cream Golden Retriever from Carolina Goldens and he comes from a long line of working dogs.

Eliot has a deep and abiding love of treats!  He's also a big fan of cuddles and hearing how handsome and amazing he is (ideally at the same time).

Certification & Training 

Currently Pursuing

NOTE: Eliot is both a therapy dog (TD) and Krista's Service Dog in Training (SDiT).  This means you may see him in the community in each of these roles.  Please ignore him in public if he's wearing his service dog gear.  Feel free to say hi if he is wearing his therapy dog gear!

Amanda Peritore, LMSW

Amanda’s unique and diverse background allows her to understand and recognize the complex physical and emotional difficulties that occur throughout a lifespan, especially after an untimely loss. As an avid animal lover, Amanda understands first hand that the loss of a pet can hurt just as much (and sometimes more) as the loss of a person. Her deep understanding of heartbreak that can follow the loss of a pet inspired Amanda to pursue her Veterinary Social Work certification through the University of Tennessee Knoxville. 

Amanda facilitates the Pet Grief & Loss Peer Support Group.  

Education & Training

Currently Pursuing


Jane, Self Compassion Expert

Jane is a Boxer mix rescued from the Greenville Humane Society and her very favorite thing is playing catch the toy.  Like many of us, Jane had some difficult experiences, struggles with anxiety, and sometimes has to practice her own calming techniques.  She is our poster dog for understanding what self compassion looks like in real life.  While Jane occasionally joins in at the office, she is not a regular participant in therapy due to her anxiety.  She is a beloved member of the family and stars in many anecdotes about why we are all worthy of love and belonging just as we are.

Currently Pursuing

Audrey Connell, Billing Specialist

Audrey manages billing and insurance processing.  She brings an array of knowledge to the position with over eighteen years experience in mental health services.  Audrey enjoys overseeing the "behind the scenes" operations of small businesses and helping to support private practice owners nationwide. 

Our Office

M3 Counseling is located at 905 East Washington Street in Greenville, SC.  Parking is located behind the building.  Please turn on Williams Street and take the first right into the alley behind the building.  Please be sure to park in the spots marked "Waterstone Dentistry" as we're in the upper level of their building.  

Note: Office located up a flight of stairs with no elevator access.  ADA accessible sessions are available upon request.  Please reach out with any accessibility requests.

M3 Counseling is a fragrance free office. M3 Counseling recognizes the hazards caused by exposure to scented products and cleaning chemicals and we have a policy to provide a fragrance free environment for all.  A service dog may be utilized to check for fragrances.


Availability is by appointment only.  Appointments are generally offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  

The office is closed on all holidays as well as the following dates: