Ask Wy

January 2022

Wy, I'm thinking about seeing a therapist. What should I ask to be sure they're a good fit for me?

That's an important first step--congratulations! Choosing a therapist is a really personal decision. Many therapists will offer a free consultation by phone or web. If they do, that's a great opportunity to get to know them. There are no wrong questions to ask. Here are some of my thoughts about things you might want to know though:

  • Do you have a Wyatt dog? If no, do you have a non-Wyatt dog (like a Jane)?

  • Do you have training and experience in what I'm wanting to work on? Can you tell be about that?

  • For what I'm wanting to work on, what will therapy sessions usually be like?

  • What is you perspective about what I'm wanting to work on? What style of therapy do you use?

  • Do you give homework between sessions? If yes, what kind of homework?

  • What are your fees and payment options? Do you accept my insurance?

  • What days and times do you have available for scheduling?

  • How do you see clients (in person, online, phone, etc.)?

Some of these questions may be hard to answer if your prospective therapist doesn't know much about you yet. That's ok. It is important for you to feel comfortable with their answers and like it is ok to trust them. And if you decide to start therapy with them and then decide it isn't a good fit, that's ok as well. It is really important to have the right therapist for you. Seriously though, do they have a therapy dog? Maybe they should have a therapy dog...