Ask Wy

October 2021

Hey Wy! Can you tell me what type of treatment you provide?

Well, that's a little bit different from person to person. Sometimes I help by playing with people. I always play with kids! They're so fun and they really know how to play. Adults though, adults seem to have a hard time playing. I like to teach adults how to play again. Sometimes I help by bringing people back from their scary thoughts and feelings into the safe office with me. Sometimes I help by giving people something to talk about until they're ready to talk about hard things. Sometimes I help by letting people scratch and pet me. That helps me, too. Mom says that's her favorite part of having me participate in therapy--we help one another feel safe and valued.

Wy, how can I cope with bullies in school?

I'm so sorry you're struggling with bullies in school. Sometimes that happens at dog school, too. School is really great and I love visiting kids at school! But sometimes school can be hard, too. First, it is really important to tell a trusted adult. I love kids and you guys are amazing at doing cool things! But kids aren't supposed to have to handle things like bullying in school alone. If the first person you ask isn't able to help, keep telling trusted adults. Second, try to think about what makes you the really amazing person you are. Are you a good friend, or a kid who loves sports, or LEGO, or reading? I just know there are some special and unique things that make you who you are. Now think of people (and animals!) in your life who love you for who you are. Those are good people to talk to and spend time with. Often it helps us feel better when we talk or just spend time with people and pets who love us. Third, reach out for help. Your school may have a counselor or a social worker who can help. If not, ask your adults if they can help you find a therapist to talk to. Last, come cuddle a Wyatt. Wyatt loves cuddles and it helps us both feel better for a little bit at least. If you're not in Greenville, I'm sure there is a therapy dog out there who would totally be willing to cuddle.

Wy, will people make fun of me if I come see you?

I hope not! I am a really awesome dog and everyone should want to come see me! But I know sometimes it can be hard to share with others that you are coming to therapy. See, as a dog I have no problem asking for and giving help. I know I need my friends and family for lots of things. But humans seem to have a hard time asking for and receiving help sometimes. That doesn't really make sense to me though. I love giving help! And the people I know love helping others, too. We can't help if people aren't willing to accept it. It is ok to want or need help. It is also ok to not be ready yet to accept help. And it is 100% ok to keep whether or not you come to therapy private if you're worried about others making fun of you.