Estimating Your Costs

A Good Faith Estimate for Self Pay Clients


Individual services begin with an initial assessment at $155.  Ongoing sessions are calculated at the current self pay rate of $139 multiplied by the expected number of sessions:


Couples counseling begins with a comprehensive assessment followed by joint sessions. The assessment includes an initial session with both partners, an individual session of up to 45 minutes with each partner, the Gottman Relationship Checkup, and joint session to review the results and create a plan to build a long-term happy, healthy partnership.

A personalized Good Faith Estimate will be provided in accordance with the No Surprises Act.  This information is intended to serve as a guide as you consider therapy.  Please schedule a free consultation should you have any questions, to request a personalized Good Faith Estimate, or to begin therapy.  Your story matters.  We would be honored to hear it.